Domaine Bruno Colin

Domaine Bruno Colin

About Domaine Bruno Colin

The story of Domaine Bruno Colin remains closely knit with that of Michel Colin-Deleger’s son, Bruno Colin. Michel served as the third generation of his family of vine growers in Burgundy. He retired in 2003 and handed over the family property and business to his two sons, Bruno and Philippe. At that time, the family domaine operated under the name and label of Michel Colin-Deleger. After receiving the estate, the two brothers came to a mutual decision and split the winery into three distinct parts. They comprised the Domaine Philippe Colin, Domaine Michel Colin-Deleger, and Domaine Bruno Colin. 

Bruno took charge of Domaine Bruno Colin. He started managing and overseeing all the work and operations at the winery. He did so using the experience he gained from his training at the Beaune Viticultural School. Bruno’s wife, Stéphanie, also helped him in his endeavour. The couple farmed eight hectares spread across thirty parcels, scattered over five distinct communes. Bruno and Stéphanie implemented traditional Burgundian viticultural techniques with traces and elements of modern methods. 

Today, the wines produced by Domain Bruno Colins receive significant fame and recognition for their exceptional quality and taste. The drinks have their unique characters and personalities with superior accessibility. They bring a sense of freshness along with aspects of minerality. 

Domain Bruno Colins uses and incorporates conventional vinification methods. However, the winery works with and ensures minimum human interference in the cellars. It allows the produced wines to retain their natural qualities and deliver a marvellous balance of texture, complexity, and aroma. 

Domain Bruno Colins works with the philosophy of producing superior-quality wines. They strive so that the drinks can express the humble and pure characteristics of their terroirs. The winery aims to depict the different personalities of each parcel, irrespective of how similar they may appear.

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