Domaine Bruno Duchene

Domaine Bruno Duchene

About Domaine Bruno Duchene

Situated in the appellation of Banyuls, Domain Bruno Duchene is a well-known winery in the Côte Vermeille region in the province of Roussillon in France. It was established in 2002 by wine-maker and lover Bruno Duchene. 

The history of Domain Bruno Duchene dates back to when the owner of the same name worked as a distributor of varieties of wild mushrooms. Bruno owned a little of four hectares of land in Collioure and Banyuls. He chose both plots with scrutiny, inspecting for small terraces and steep slopes. From there, he began his wine-making journey on these lands with exceptional skills, instincts, and hard work. Now, the wines created and sold by Domain Bruno Duchene are of the best across the globe. 

Domain Bruno Duchene adopts several measures and steps to ensure the quality and finesse of its wine. For instance, the owner and the workers prefer a natural or organic system of planting, cultivating, and harvesting grape plants. The winery does not implement more than three sulphur treatments on the grapevines yearly. In addition, Domain Bruno Duchene does not use any copper products or fertilizers in the fields. All these ensure that the harvested grapes are of the highest quality and turn out rich and plump. 

On top of that, the ideal and optimal climate of the area and region promotes and facilitates the growth of diverse varieties of grapes. The place experiences a beneficial amount or quantity of rainfall, sunlight, and temperature. Additionally, the soil is highly fertile and of a schist type. All these factors and parameters promote the growth and development of the planted grape plants to a desired degree. Thus, several varieties of grapevines can get grown on the soils of Domain Bruno Duchene. It encompasses Grenache Blanc, Carignan, Grenache Noir, Grenache Blan, and Grenache Gris.

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