Domaine Champalou

Domaine Champalou

About Domaine Champalou

Domaine Champalou is a family-run French wine company that has been creating excellent and authentic wines in the Vouvray appellation of Loire Valley for the past two decades. This brand is known for creating different qualities, textures and tastes of Chenin wines. The Chenin grape varietal is known as the king of the Loire Valley; therefore, it is no wonder that the family focuses on this particular grape. Other white Vouvray grapes are also grown in small plots here. There are eight municipalities in the Loire Valley and the appellation spreads across 2200 hectares. All of these are dedicated to growing excellent quality of Chenins. Here, based on the soil quality, climatic conditions and terroir texture of the municipality, the Chenins are used to create dry, sweet or sparkling wines. Out of these 2000 + hectares, the Champalou family owns 21 hectares of Chenin. These are not only found in the Vouvray region, but in the nearby wine-rich areas of Vernou and Rochecorbon.

The clay & limestone-rich terroirs increase the minerality and intensity of the fruits produced in this area. Therefore, these Chenins are used for the sparkling Brut and Sec range of wines. The white grapes with floral tones produced in the clay-siliceous terroirs are used for producing some of the flagship range of wines of Domaine Champalou such as Les Fondraux, La Moelleuse and Les Tries. The dry wine from this brand is the Le Portail range. The grapes for this fruit are grown on a small plot with unique soil quality. A thick clay cover over the limestone interiors lends complexity to the dry wines.

Sustainable viticultural practices are followed at the winery here to respect the environment. Using lime & talc to strengthen the grapes and reduce humidity, reducing carbon emission by using less fuel, analysing each vine and harvesting them separately are some of the practices followed here.

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