Domaine Charton

Domaine Charton

About Domaine Charton

Domaine Charton has written a traditional and historical story of a winery in the exotic region and commune of Mercurey in Burgundy. Winemaking has been an integral and vital part and element of the estate since 1941. The subsequent generation of the family that handled and managed the family continued on the tradition for several years. 

Since its establishment or even before that, Domaine Charton has shown unconditional and exceptional love for vines and wines. The adoration and attraction towards the two have gotten passed down through the generations of the family. However, the passion and ardour have not dwindled in any way. It can get proved and expressed through the world-class quality wines produced by the winery. 

The love of the family for the fields, grapevines, and wines had started three generations back. It began from the current owner, Vincent Charton’s, grandfather’s time. His father, Jean-Pierre Charton, has followed in his father’s footsteps. However, he gradually grew the scale and fame of the winery, allowing Vincent to remain at the helm of Domain Charton. Moreover, he had received valuable advice and support from his father, taking him to today’s level. 

Domaine Charton owns vineyards in the top-tier terroirs located in the Mercurey appellation in the sub-region of Côte Chalonnaise. The land has always been highly acclaimed. It was for its unique soil composition that allows the grapes to acquire and retain a pronounced character. The winery aims to preserve a maximum level of balance between the various lifeforms in the vineyards. In other words, they wish to maintain a superior standard of biological soil activity. The extensive work done to the land permits the roots to grow and develop better. In turn, they can plunge deeper into the soil. It allows the plant to get more water and minerals.

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