Domaine Courbis

Domaine Courbis

About Domaine Courbis

Domaine Courbis is a renowned winery located in the heart of Cornas, a region in the Rhone Valley in France. The winery is owned and operated by two brothers, Laurent and Dominique Courbis, who took over their family’s vineyards in the 1990s and have since established themselves as leading producers of high-quality wines.

The vineyards at Domaine Courbis cover a total of 38 hectares, with parcels located in the appellations of Cornas, Saint-Joseph, and Crozes-Hermitage. The soils are composed of granite and limestone, which provide excellent drainage and contribute to the minerality and complexity of the wines. The vines are tended to with care and attention, and the grapes are hand-harvested to ensure the best possible quality.

The winemaking philosophy at Domaine Courbis is to let the terroir speak for itself, and to produce wines that showcase the unique characteristics of each plot. The wines are made using traditional methods, with minimal intervention, and are aged in oak barrels to add complexity and structure.

The flagship wine of Domaine Courbis is their Cornas, which is made from 100% Syrah grapes. This wine is powerful and elegant, with aromas of dark fruit, pepper, and spice, and a long, lingering finish. Other notable wines produced at the winery include their Saint-Joseph Blanc, which is made from Marsanne and Roussanne grapes, and their Crozes-Hermitage Rouge, which is a blend of Syrah and other local grape varieties.

Domaine Courbis has received numerous accolades over the years, including high scores from wine critics such as Robert Parker, and has been recognised as one of the top producers in the Rhone Valley. The winery is also known for their commitment to sustainable and organic farming practices, which help to preserve the natural beauty of the region.

Visitors to Domaine Courbis can enjoy a guided tour of the vineyards and cellars, followed by a tasting of the winery’s signature wines. The tasting room is modern and inviting, with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. With its exceptional wines, stunning location, and commitment to quality and sustainability, Domaine Courbis is truly a world-class winery.

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