Domaine de la Bégude

Domaine de la Bégude

About Domaine de la Bégude

Originally founded in 1996 by two brothers, Louis and Guillaume Tari, however, in September 2022, the Roulleau family purchased Domaine de La Bégude and named Laurent Fortin as General Manager, becoming the fifth generation to hold ownership of the wine land since the Middle Ages. Laurent Fortin wants to maintain a creative attitude to present his idea of wine in the centre of this vineyard. Long ago, the place served as a rest station for travellers travelling, offering lodging, meals, and the Rustic beverage "begun." In the coming years, the staff at Domaine de La Bégude plans to grow the vineyard to 50 hectares and more.

The vineyard looks out over the Mediterranean Sea from its position at the very top of the Bandol region, around 400 meters above sea level. The estate is 1,240 acres, from which 70 acres are used for vineyards, and the vines are grown on terraces facing south. Additionally, the estate's wooded mountain has a very uneven relief, which has caused the terraces to be divided. The majority of the vine holdings are surrounded by olive trees, which contribute to the creation of the unique Bandol scenery. Cinsault and grenache are some of the varieties of grapes that are produced here. The vines are typically 25 years old. Usually, grapes are hand-harvested and completely de-stemmed before fermentation on the skins for 21 to 28 days. An estimated 5,500 bottles are produced, and red wines are packed unfiltered.

The estate is a unique example of biodiversity where plants and animals coexist together and where the vines find their equilibrium. Since 1996, the Domaine de La Bégude has prohibited using any weed killers, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers to preserve this natural environment. This demonstrates their dedication to the sustainability of the land. The property takes advantage of this precious chance because it is surrounded by 300 hectares of vast wilderness, remote from any non-organic farming methods. Hence, Wines with high ageing potential from organic farming that doesn't conform to trend and deception flow from this exquisite location.

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