Domaine de la Croix Senaillet

Domaine de la Croix Senaillet

About Domaine de la Croix Senaillet

Burgundy, located in France, is one of the finest and most premium wine-producing regions in the world. Almost all wine estates try to replicate the terroir and soil conditions of Burgundy in their regions, so that they can produce wines that are as rich and intense as the ones produced in Burgundy itself. The Domaine de La Croix Senaillet is a small wine estate located in the Davaye village in Burgundy.

Croix, in French, means cross. The estate has been named this way because this village was given a cross by one of its former mayors, Benoit Senaillet. The Martin brothers, Richard and Stephane, are the owners and winemakers of this estate. The vineyard, which stretches across 25 acres, is dedicated to Chardonnay vines only.

Located near the slopes of Roches de Solutre and Vergisson, this estate is known for its land, climate, cellar, mystery of winemaking and the intense aroma of the fruits. Thanks to the organic farming practiced here, this farm has been rewarded the Ecocert Certification.

The vineyard contains almost 6o different parcels of vines, collectively a part of the Grand Site de France. The chalky soils of this region are covered with clayey silt that is carried by the rainwater along the mountain slopes.

The aromatic wines created here are part of these collections:

  • Saint Veran – Citrus, fruity and fresh Chardonnay wine made from grapes grown on limestone-rich soils on the top and bottom of the slopes
  • Macon Davaye – Chardonnay grown on 5, selected plots that have limestone-clay content
  • Pouilly-Fuisse – Wine that reflects the potential of the Burgundy appellation, as authentic Burgundy coopers are used for ageing these wines
  • Pouilly-Vinzelles – Rich, golden, colourful and aromatic Chardonnay wine known for their unique woody flavour; this is because wooden barrels are used for fermentation.

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