Domaine de la Janasse

Domaine de la Janasse

About Domaine de la Janasse

Aime Salon’s father, a vine-grower, used to take his grapes to the cooperative for them to make wines. Aime wanted this to change. He wanted to grow grapes and create wines from them in his own label. This was why he returned from his military service in 1967, so that he could give wings to his dream. In 1973, he built his own cellar and named it Domaine de la Janasse. This was because Aime Salon’s family farm was located in the beautiful place of Courthezon in the La Janasse locality of France.

Today, Aime’s children continue to take their father’s legacy forward by creating unique wines and cuvees for various markets. The family’s vineyards locate d in La Janasse is a naturally fragmented structure, containing over 69 plots, with each having different soil types. These soil varieties include sandy limestone, clay-limestone, soils with river rocks and so on. Many white varietals, Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache are grown here.

The Chateauneuf-du-Pepe cooperative grows 13 varietals of grapes. All of these varieties are found in the family farm of La Janasse. Of all the varietals planted here, Grenache is considered to be the most famous because of the subtle flavours it provides to the wines. To keep up with the cooperative’s tradition, the 13 grape varietals were planted on La Crau, considered to be the best of all appellations. Some of the red varietals that were planted on this appellation included Counoise, Vaccarese, Muscardin and Terret Noir. The whites planted here included Clairette Rose, Grenache Gris, Picardan, Bourboulenc and Picpoul Gris.

The grapes go through a dual sorting process to ensure that only the best ones are selected for further processing. All the vinification and maceration processes that follow depend on the quality of the grapes selected during the sorting process. This makes the wines fresh, intense and aromatic.

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