Domaine des Marronniers

Domaine des Marronniers

About Domaine des Marronniers

The history of Domaine des Marronniers date to 1976. It began when it got established by the Legland family. Located in the commune of Préhy in France, the winery is one of the most famous in the country and have been in operation for a considerable amount of time. 

In 1976, Bernard Legland planted his first vines in the region. Over the years, he put in a substantial effort, time, and energy behind the land. It led to the creation of Domaine des Marronniers. Bernard was a meticulous and diligent winemaker from an early age. He avoided the use of bâtonnage and oak in his vineyards. Instead, he focused on producing clean, neat, and natural wines that deliver and express the quality of their terroir. 

Today, Domaine des Marronniers spans over an area of 20 hectares. The vineyards remain split across six appellations. In addition, Domaine des Marronniers owns two premier crus named Cote de Jouan and Montmain. 

The soil in the vineyards is of a clay-limestone-type. In addition, the microclimate creates an optimum environment and temperature. The two features allow the planted grapevines to be of high quality. In turn, the wines produced by Domaine des Marronniers retain and provide an elegant flavour with freshness and a trace of minerality. 

Domaine des Marronniers works while dealing minimal to no damage to nature throughout its operations. Thus, the winery minimises its use of sulphur and human contact and interference in the vinification process. In addition, the workers ensure a higher level and capacity of the wines to withstand oxygen for a natural and flavourful product. 

Overall, Domaine des Marronniers has remained passionate about all aspects of winemaking for more than 20 years. The winery has worked with the specific goal of producing quality wines while respecting traditions since its establishment.

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