Domaine du Barres

Domaine du Barres

About Domaine du Barres

Domaine des Barres has vines covering 28 hectares. This location is within the Anjou Saumur wine region at the very heart of it. The winery can produce a wide range of wines among Coteaux de Layon, Cabernet D’Anjou, and Savennieres appellations. Domaine du barres, makes some of the most remarkable wines and is highly praised by professionals. During a visit to Domaine du Barres, there are different types of wine that you can taste including sparkling, sweet, rose, dry white, and red. It is one of the best places to get the most delightful tasting experience. This is because the wines that are made have the most remarkable quality and consistency. The winery has been awarded from time to time. A visit to domaine du barres also includes winery visits and other activities that are wine related. It was established in 1930. 

The winery has free wine tasting, and the additional activities include self-care accommodation. Tourist services are also available. The winery got a Loire Valley Cellars label that rewards the wine-tasting experience. One of the things you should know is that you need an advance appointment to visit and taste wine. 

Sustainable agricultural principles are used in the production of grapes. Phytosanitary products are used for vine treatment when needed, not systematically. The winery has the superb wines badge, which sets apart wineries that make the best quality wines consistently. The land covering 283 hectares was bought back in 1821. The original owner was Philippe Andre de Vilmorin, whose main intention was to study forestry. During that time, the area had no trees, and Vilmorin planted an extensive forest with P pinaster, p Laricio, pinus sylvestris and American oaks. 

A part of the land was sold to the country, and a forestry school was set up. A geographic collection began later in 3 hectares. Vilmorin’s family was involved for a long time, and today the arboretum still stands with a wide range of tree species, with most European species covered.

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