Domaine du Bouchot

Domaine du Bouchot

About Domaine du Bouchot

Domaine du Bouchot is a renowned French winery that works with the motto of producing “less but better.” Its origin and history take it back to an old farmhouse on the right bank of the river Loire that got renovated and refurbished in 1966. Ever since its establishment, Domaine du Bouchot has worked by respecting and following the concepts and practices of sustainable viticulture. In 2004, it developed a biological wine, the Pouilly-Fumé, to showcase its activity in its BIO appellation.

Domaine du Bouchot became the first to introduce and implement methods and systems of organic farming in and around its region. The winery turned to and focused on biodynamic cultivation since 2008. For this reason, the wines produced by Domaine du Bouchot have the ability and capability to deliver a rich taste acquired from the positive combined effects of various soils. 

The plots and vineyards owned by Domaine du Bouchot remain spread over fifteen different locations and sites all over Pouilly. They are predominately found on the Terres Blanches and the Caillottes, where the latter forms a layer below the former. The two terroirs have unique soil features and qualities that allow for the development and production of wines with distinct tastes and aromas. For instance, the Terres Blanches provide a full-bodied drink, while the Caillottes offer a fruity flavour.  

The excellent characteristics of Domaine du Bouchot’s terroirs give a concentrated, elegant, and structured personality to all the wines produced from those lands. They have an unignorable yet subtle length of mouthfeel, making them irresistible. Additionally, the wines provide a clear and pure expression and representation of the unique microclimate that blesses the region. With the appropriate culmination of the altitude, rainfall, sunshine, pruning, and soil, the wines produced remain one of the best in the entire world.

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