Domaine du Clos Salomon

Domaine du Clos Salomon

About Domaine du Clos Salomon

Domain du Clos Salomon is a highly reputed French winery located in the Givry commune in the province and region of Burgundy. Currently, the vineyard of the same name lies under the proprietorship of the owner and winemaker Ludovic du Gardin. The winery has remained under the same family’s possession for multiple generations. 

Domain du Clos Salomon derives its name from the Salomon family. They had remained responsible for supplying wines to the popes in the Avignon prefecture in the 14th and 15th centuries. Initially, the Salomon family had ownership of the Givry crus. However, the current owners took over in 1558 after the former’s news and tracks got lost around the late 1520s. 

Domain du Clos Salomon has a premier cru that expands over 6.98 hectares of land. The region of Givry, located between Montagny and Mercurey, offers suitable conditions for the growth of grapevines and the production of superior-quality wines. It is especially so for red wines. The area lies at an elevation of 140-174 meters above sea level. Furthermore, the plot has three soil types that support grape plantations. Also, the owners of Domain du Clos Salomon had immense knowledge and proficiency in the wine-making process. It has allowed the family to make the best use of the talents and arts, taking the winery to where it is today. 

Domain du Clos Salomon believes in the power and dominance of the terroir. For that reason, the workers and staff at the winery ensure they do not work on and affect the plots in any manner. It allows the land to express itself and its authentic nature in the produced wines. It, in turn, enables the drinks to possess a refreshing, flavourful, and delectable taste with the perfect acidity that can go well with most dishes and cuisine.

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