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Domaine du Coulet

About Domaine du Coulet

The history and story of Domaine du Coulet began in 1998 when Matthieu Barret, a talented and young winemaker, took over the winery from his grandfather. Matthieu’s grandfather has established and set up the domaine sometime after the Second World War. He had utilised it for several years to plant grapevines and grow grapes. After that, he sold the fruits to renowned winemakers such as Delas or Chapoutier. 

The vineyards owned by Domaine du Coulet spread across 20 hectares of land and remain located in the appellation of Cornas in France. The hillside area with highly degraded granite soil, locally named “gore,” allows the planted vines to grow and develop healthily. Since taking over the winery from his grandfather, Matthieu has aimed to produce wines using the grapes harvested on this land. He has strived to develop drinks that can express the underlying characters and expressions of the terroir.  

Domaine du Coulet implements and incorporates biodynamic and biological practices and techniques in its vineyards. It avoids the use of any chemical and synthetic products to preserve the natural qualities of the land. Thus, the winery minimises the use of sulphur, a necessary component required to increase the shelf-life of the wines. Domaine du Coulet facilitates various processes that can operate and function with minimal human interference and intervention. 

Domaine du Coulet believes that the desired qualities of the wines come from the ‘magic’ contained within the grapes. The winery strives not to destroy it in any manner. Hence, they use a flexible style and method of viticulture and winemaking. It allows the wines produced by the winery to express the attributes lying deep within the soil. These reasons permit the products of Domaine du Coulet to be of the highest calibre that can leave all the drinkers fascinated and captivated.

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