Domaine du Monteillet

Domaine du Monteillet

About Domaine du Monteillet

Domaine du Monteillet, a wine estate located in the middle of the appellation of Condrieu, has remained closely associated with the Villard family since the 17th century. The winery has remained under the ownership and management of the family for over nine generations. Today, Stéphane Montez holds the proprietorship rights to Domaine du Monteillet. 

Stéphane’s ancestors, who were coopers, winemakers, and mariners by profession, gradually yet extensively toiled to buy back and acquire bits of the land of Domaine du Monteillet. They had done so for a significant amount of time to express their love and respect for the Rhône Valley and vineyards. It allowed Stéphane to succeed in the position left behind by his late-father, Antoine, in 1997 and operate the winery in his stead. 

Before taking over his father, Stéphane had garnered invaluable experience through his training abroad. He learnt various things in the winemaking business for two years in Australia, South Africa, California, and England. The information, technical skills, and knowledge he gathered during those times permitted him to recognise the distinct identity and characteristics of the terroir of Domaine du Monteillet. 

Recently, Domaine du Monteillet possesses 38 hectares of land spread across four appellations. The soil comes from metamorphic rocks like gneiss, schists, and migmatites. Additionally, loam from plutonic magmatic granite rocks makes up a considerable part of the topsoil. 

The terraces surrounding the vineyards protect the planted grapevines from harsh weather. Moreover, light and pure breezes from the Rhône Valley keep the grapes fresh and sanitized. Furthermore, the wind currents allow for continuous ventilation in the region. It helps limit the diseases afflicting the grapevines. Additionally, it aids in acquiring and sustaining an aromatic purity in the wines produced by the winery. This feature imparts a unique and irresistible taste to the drinks and limit.

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