Domaine du Pegau

Domaine du Pegau

About Domaine du Pegau

The history and journey of Domaine du Pegau began with the daughter of Odette and Paul Féraud, Laurence. Initially, the winery went by the name of Chateauneuf du Pape. Nonetheless, its entire essence narrates a tale of passion and artistry with elements of the present, past, and future mixed in it. 

The Féraud family had remained invested with the Southern Rhone Valley and the winery since the mid-years of the 17th century. It dates back to the time of Laurence’s great grandparents. They were responsible for introducing the family into the wine industry and business. It began with their first purchases and plantation of grapevines. After their death, their four children received a portion of the property. It included Laurence’s father, Paul.

The venture and project of Domaine du Pegau started when Laurence completed her studies and returned from Paris. She brought with herself a vision and ambition. Laurence wished to put her family’s vineyards in Chateauneuf to better use. Her dream was to increase the fame of the wines produced by her family. 

Laurence’s aspirations allowed a mere grape-selling farm to become a full-fledged Domaine. Thus, Domaine du Pegau got established in 1987. Laurence has emphasized the use and application of new and modern equipment. She has continued doing so since the winery’s founding. However, it does not mean that she did not follow the traditional techniques and methods of winemaking passed down through the centuries. 

A mere few years after its establishment was all it took Domaine du Pegau to attain and relish the recognition and eminence it wanted to enjoy. It can get owed to the immense hard work and efforts put forward by Laurence and Paul. Paul managed to usher the winery into the modern age. He did so from his first instances of wine bottling.

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