Domaine Duroché

Domaine Duroché

About Domaine Duroché

Domaine Duroché is a renowned winery in France that started its legacy and history with the first bottling in 1933. Since 2005, its management and operations get run by the fifth generation of the Duroché family, Pierre Duroché. Following his taking over, the winery has reached new heights and catapulted itself to an entirely new and untouched level. 

Pierre had started working with his father in 2003. Nevertheless, he managed to achieve his goals and ambitions after taking over in 2005. Pierre did so using the teachings that his family accumulated over the five generations. Additionally, he applied his experience of observing the vineyards since childhood. The young winemaker made a name using a bold and detailed yet delicate approach to winemaking. He ensures that his family tradition of incorporating finesse and elegance in the produced wines continues through Domaine Duroché.  

The holdings under Domaine Duroché comprise 8.25 hectare land under the name of Gevrey-Chambertin. It also possesses a few pieces of lieu-dits micro curves of the highest quality. In addition to that, the winery owns 1.2 hectares of Cru Lavaut St Jacques of 1er and small plots of Champeaux and Estournelles St. Jacques.

The vineyards of Domaine Duroché receive the utmost attention and care to ensure a high standard of the grown vines. The workers use copper or sulphur to treat the land. They do so to attain and maintain the perfect and satisfactory condition and health of the soil. Overall, they work by following and respecting a sustainable approach to viticulture. They use no synthetic additives in the winemaking process. 

The winemaking style that Domaine Duroché follows brings out the elegance and power of their wines. It reveals an earthy feel and taste that creates the hallmark and divulges the essence of their famous Gevrey terroir.

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