Domaine Fond Croze

Domaine Fond Croze

About Domaine Fond Croze

Domaine Fond Croze is a 70-hectare, family-owned wine estate located in the outskirts of the French region of Saint Roman de Malegarde. The history of this estates dates back to World War 1. Charles Long purchased this vineyard when he came back from Word War, so that his family could start its winemaking business from here. Today, the third generation members of his family control & manage the affairs of the estate.

Today, the grandsons of Charles Long, Bruno and Daniel, are doing their best in expanding the vineyards and introducing new techniques in the winemaking process. One of the biggest assets to the winemaking team here is Philippe Cambie, considered as one of the best winemakers in the world, by some wine experts.

The wines of Domaine Fond Croze are known for their honesty and elegance. After continuous efforts, organic winemaking was introduced here in the year 2009. The team takes pride in being one of the most reputed families in this region to stay united for the cause of winemaking. You will notice all the family members at the estate, regardless of the time you plan your tour.

Here are some of the popular wines created under this label:

  • Cotes du Rhone Cuvee Confidence – Made from a blend of Grenache and Syrah, this wine is made from the fruits sourced from the estate vineyard at Saint Roman de Malegarde.
  • La Romanaise – Made from 100% Grenache, this wine comes in an intense colour of deep purple. This is also made from Grenache grown in the estate vineyard.
  • Les Vieux Ceps de Raymond – Made from 100% Carignan, this is wine is very delicate. It comes in a ruby-red shade, and its flavours are defined by the stony, clayey and limestone-rich soils found in the estate vineyard of Saint Roman de Malegarde.

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