Domaine Frédéric Magnien

Domaine Frédéric Magnien

About Domaine Frédéric Magnien

Frederic Magnien is Domaine Michel Magnien's heir and now guides the company. Frederic does this in a holistic spirit. The quality stands more accomplished than ever before especially combined with the terroir in the area. Frederic is a cote d'Or climats alchemist. 

Michael Magnien is a wine grower representing the family's fourth generation. He worked in the vineyard with Bernard Magnien, his father and a representative of the third generation since he was young. They had 4 hectares at the time. 

Frederic, the fifth-generation representative, was born in May 1969 in the burgundy wine region. In 2010, he decided to do viticulture biodynamics. The philosophy has greatly influenced the type of wine created in the estate. The bio-dynamic method maintains life on the ground in a natural way and also revivifies the soil. This is a global approach that works on adding value to the soul as well as the vines within their natural environment. With this approach resistance and vitality of the plants are strengthened. 

The wines created by Frederic Magnien have a rare quality that is associated with cosmic elements. The plants are observed meticulously, and the soil gets the attention needed and with great results, thanks to the use of bio-dynamic principles. 

Frederic needed a logical follow-up in the winemaking process to follow up the philosophy. This is why he decided to age the wine between terracotta and wood. The terracotta jar, which is hand turned, is aromatically neutral, and this is why it was picked to be used for partial wine ageing since the 2015 vintage. This makes it possible for Frederic to create wines that are more organic and digestible while at the same time respecting the fruit purity and the soil truth. Using this method is complementary to the use of old barrels for ageing, which is the traditional method. The ageing between terracotta and wood defines the cuvees and gives them identity. 

Domaine Frederic Magnien has made an impact and a good stand with the selection of the historic grand cru and premier cru terroir, offering a complete experience for everyone with a passion for burgundy wines.

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