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Domaine Girault

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The geographical diversity and the soil texture in most of the regions in France are two of the most important reasons for the quality of wines produced in that country. It is also why French wines are looked upon by most of the wine lovers across the world. Sancerre, a small region in France, is also naturally blessed with enough resources, which impressed the Girault family so much that they wanted to create wines that gave respect to this particular terroir.

The Girault family has been managing their vine plantations in Sancerre for 8 generations now. Patrick Girault and his son Adrien Girault played a huge role in improving the scale of operations here. The area under vine cultivation got increased to 12 hectares from 6 during the time when the father-son duo managed the winery.

6 at Domaine Girault right from the vine cultivation to the bottling process.  Some of the organic and biodynamic techniques followed here are:

  • Gentle pressing of the grapes to achieve maximum aroma of the fruits
  • Using native yeasts for fermentation
  • Using stainless steel tanks for vinifying and ageing of the wines

The terroirs of Grand Chemarin, Petit Chemarin and Chene Marchand are some places where the Domaine Girault vineyards are located. Most of these vineyards (75%) are dedicated to cultivating Sauvignon Blanc, as this is the flagship grape varietal of this place. The remaining 25% of the vineyards are dedicated to growing Pinot Noir.

Unlike other Sauvignon Blancs, the ones that are grown here are crisp, well-balanced and highly aromatic. Due to the nature of the terroirs where they are grown, these Sauvignon Blancs have a distinct mineral touch to them – a feature that you might not see in these same varietals grown elsewhere.

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