Domaine Henri Gouges

Domaine Henri Gouges

About Domaine Henri Gouges

Located right in the centre of the Cote d’ Or in the Nuits Saint Georges village, the French wine company of Domaine Henri Gouges is a family-owned estate that was established in 1920 by Henri. After his retirement, his sons took over the control of the estate. Today, the young generation of Gregory and Antoine Gouges are at the helm of affairs at the estate. The Gouges family is known for making one of the best bottled burgundies in France. Ever since its inception, this brand always focused on respecting the land and the environment. Therefore, extreme care is taken to follow sustainable viticultural practices in the vineyard. In the year 2007, a smart winery was built by the family to ensure that minimal intervention is allowed in the distance from the vineyards to the bottle at the winery. Gravity-flow system was introduced to avoid putting too much pressure on the grapes.

The wine labels produced by this brand are based on the location of the plots where the grapes are cultivated for that particular bottle. The vineyards are located in the following areas:

Bourgogne – Also known as Burgundy in English, this area contains two plots for vines. While the first is located in Hautes Cotes de Nuits, the second is located at the base of the hills in the Petits Chaliots vineyard.

Nuits Premier Cru Les Pruliers – Covering an area of 4.5acres, the vines here are located towards the south of the village.

Nuits Premier Cru Les Saint Georges – Located between Premeaux and Nuits Saint George, this vineyard produces fruits for the most popular wines of this label.Nuits Premier Cru Les Vaucrains – Located just outside the Vallerots village, this vineyard grows very concentrated fruits.

Nuits Saint Georges Village – This 7.5-acre vineyard is a combination of 7 plots located across Les Plateau, Les Crots, Les Belles Croix, Les Fleurieres, Les Brulees and Les Chaliots.

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