Domaine Henry Pelle

Domaine Henry Pelle

About Domaine Henry Pelle

Located towards the easternmost corner of the Loire Valley, Domaine Henry Pelle can be found in a small village known as Morogues. This village and the neighbouring appellations of Menetou-Salon and Sancerre are blessed with excellent natural extravaganza. The climate is awesome here, and the terroirs are fertile enough to produce some of the best red grapes in the world.

Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir are the exclusive grape varietals found in Domaine Henry Pelle vineyards. The Kimmeridgian marls (a combination of clay & limestone) are unique features of this region. While the vineyards of this estate are grown on these soils, the vineyards at Le Carroir alone have flint soils in them.

At Menetou-Salon and Morogues, the vines are planted at altitudes of 300m and 350m, respectively. These vineyards enjoy continental climate all through the year, thanks to which the fruits grown here are full-bodied and intense. The winemaking team spends a lot of time at the vineyards to take care of the vines and soil. As a result, the aromas in the varietals grown here are quite high when compared to the varietals grown elsewhere.

The winery is located quite close to the village where the vineyards are grown. The whites go through manual sorting, before they are introduced to the pneumatic pressing. This way, the juices of the grapes are absolutely pure, and they get settled overnight. After this, the juice gets transferred to stainless steel or wooden vats for the flavours to get retained until the wines are bottled.

The reds (Pinot Noirs) are carefully de-stemmed before they are moved to the vats for the maceration process. Natural gravity is used for this transfer. Here, the winemaking team carefully checks the quality of the reds, before light extractions are made from them in wooden and stainless steel vats.

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