Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot

Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot

About Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot

Established in 1954, Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot is a South African winery founded by Lucien Ponsot. At the initial stages of the estate and its vineyards’ growth, the founder farmed and produced only a few parcels and bottles of wine. The actual expansion of the winery’s property began under Lucien’s son, Bernard. Bernard put and exerted immense time, effort, and hard work to extend the area of the vineyards one step at a time. 

In recent times, Bernard’s son, Jean-Baptiste, supervises and oversees all the operations and management of Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot. Ever since he took over the winery at the age of twenty in 2000, he worked tirelessly to grow the family business and make it a worldwide name. Little by little, he saved an adequate amount of money and invested in superior standard equipment beneficial for Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot. In 2005, he constructed a new wine estate associated with the old one.  

Today, Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot owns approximately 8.5 hectares of land in the Rully appellation. They lie in the middle of the subregion of Côte Chalonnaise in Burgundy. All the vineyards under the winery follow organic and sustainable methods and practices of viticulture. The workers in the fields do not use any weed-killers, anti-rot agents, pesticides, insecticides, or chemicals. They do so to ensure that they do not harm or damage the natural quality of the soil and the environment. 

Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot does not aim to grow more grapevines and sell an increased number of wines. The winery does not work with the aim and intention of making more money. It merely wishes to enhance and improve the quality of its existing wines. Domaine Jean-Baptiste Ponsot is the sole producer of the Rully appellation that does not buy grapes from other vendors. This fact can confirm it.

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