Domaine Jean Defaix

Domaine Jean Defaix

About Domaine Jean Defaix

Domaine Jean Defaix started as a venture and project of the renowned wine producers Daniel Dampt and Jean Defaix. As such, the winery produces wines under two labels. One remains under Daniel Dampt. On the other hand, the other is under his father-in-law, Jean Defaix’s name. 

The establishment and setup of Domaine Jean Defaix was initiated on a property with an approximately 150-year-old history. It has been a family property owned by Jean Defaix and remained with their family throughout four generations. 

Since his early years, Jean Defaix has been a reputed producer in the wine industry. He had produced high-quality Chablis, depicting and delivering finesse and elegance through the drinks. His sense of the art and craft of winemaking matched with his son-in-law, Daniel Dampt’s ideas and concepts. It allowed the two to collaborate and set up Domaine Jean Defaix. 

Today, Domaine Jean Defaix owns and covers over 30 hectares of vineyards. They remain spread across five different and distinct sites. The winery produced wines following a unique house style. It dictates them to produce ultra-pure and clean wines having an apparent and discrete element of acidity. However, the drinks should not possess a hint or trace of oak in them. This winemaking method has allowed the Domaine Jean Defaix to produce top-tier wines that impress each drinker. 

As the years go by, Daniel Dampt’s two sons, Sebastien and Vincent, start getting invested in the processes and operations of the winery. They gained experience working in Australia and New Zealand before joining Domaine Jean Defaix. It allowed them to contribute significantly to the winery’s growth. The two brothers adhere to the unique winemaking style as their previous generations dictated. Nevertheless, they incorporate various modern techniques that let the wines reflect the extensive heritage and history of the Defaix name.

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