Domaine Jean-Paul Picard

Domaine Jean-Paul Picard

About Domaine Jean-Paul Picard

The story and origin of Domaine Jean-Paul Picard remain closely linked with the Picard family for several years. The Picard family remained well-known for their vinification and winemaking practices since 1750, primarily in the French AOP of Sancerre. The winery adheres to and respects its traditional approach to wine-developing art and craft. It consists of manual harvests and ancient artisanal knowledge. Nonetheless, the wine estate incorporates and implements several modern technologies and processes to optimise and improve the existing systems and operations. Since 2004, Domaine Jean-Paul Picard has remained under the guidance and ownership of Mickael Picard.

The vineyards and terroirs of Domaine Jean-Paul Picard extend and expands over 14 hectares of land. They remain spread over 45 distinct and different parcels, each with unique attributes. All the plots lie on the Bué slopes, one of the best sites in the Sancerre AOP. Domaine Jean-Paul Picard adopts a ‘lutte raisonée’ approach in its fields. It entails chemical treatments only when required and not regularly. It allows the topsoil to loosen, enabling the growth and development of micro-bacterial life on the ground. It, in turn, permits the produced wines to retain a perfect balance and have subtle traces of minerality.

The soil in the vineyards owned by Domaine Jean-Paul Picard entails two types. It comprises the “terres blanches,” a limestone-clay combination and “caillottes,” which encompasses small pebbles. The former helps produce powerful wines and can get found on Bué’s steep slopes. On the other hand, the latter has a rich limestone content, allowing for the production of aromatic and highly balanced wines.

Irrespective of the soil type, Domaine Jean-Paul Picard cares for each land extensively. In addition, the winery employs a minimal intervention system and method to preserve the natural attributes of the terroirs and express them through the produced wines.

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