Domaine Patrick Javillier

Domaine Patrick Javillier

About Domaine Patrick Javillier

The Javillier family’s wine experience dates back to many generations, but as courtiers. Patrick Javillier started to make a living out of winemaking when he worked on only three hectares of vineyards. It took him several years (1974 - 1990, to be exact) to dwell into full-time winemaking and quit his courtier profile because his domaine was getting big and very popular among the people of France’s Meursault Estate.  Though white wines are a core competency of this brand, they also produce a few red wines.

Today, Javillier owns 10 hectares and is considered as one of the most respected winemakers of Meursault Estate. His wines are so popular that one of them, the Bourgogne Blanc has earned a steady place in the reputed Wimbledon Wine Cellar for the last 10 years. The cuvees created at the winery of Patrick Javillier are some of the best in the world and it is for this precise reason that he has been rated as one of the top 3 winegrowers in the Meursault Estate. 

Today, people from across the world come to this Domaine to get a taste of his grand cru wines – Corton Charlemagne and Meursault Charmes. Though the latter is manufactured only at around 400 bottles a year, there is a huge demand for it. Patrick Javillier Wines covers the walls and sides of his cellars in chalk to create new winemaking methods without hindering the traditional techniques.  To retain the flavours of the wine regardless of the time you drink, Patrick uses a Vaslin press instead of the pneumatic press during the vinification process.  They are then left to mature in the tank on fine lees, to make the process as natural as possible. Today, the Javillier Wines are considered to be the best in this area because of the science and expertise involved in the winemaking process here.

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