Domaine Paul Pillot

Domaine Paul Pillot

About Domaine Paul Pillot

There is a lot of expectation from any wine that originates from the Burgundy region in France. This is because Burgundy is considered to be the premium wine area in the world, with many countries looking up to this place to draw inspiration to create their own labels. Domaine Paul Pillot, the French wine company based out of Burgundy, doesn’t disappoint wine loyalists one bit as its wines are considered to be one of the best Burgundy whites in the world.

Started in the year 1900 by Jean Baptiste Pillot, this wine company has been in business for over a century now. Today, the younger generations of the Pillot family members have taken over the control of the estate. When Jean, a barrel-maker, set up this brand, his focus was to improve the quality of his vines in the Cote de Beaune area. This was because he believed that the quality of the wines would take care of itself if the quality of the vines is taken care of properly.

Today, the Domaine Paul Pillot company is run by the young Thierry Pillot, who is not only young & energetic, but highly intelligent as well. He has been at the helm of the affairs since 2004, and the company has been growing by leaps & bounds in terms of expansion and introduction of sophisticated technology.

The family-run company owns 13 hectares under vines across some of the best terroirs along Chassagne, Montrachet, Saint Aubin, Santenay, Caillerets and Grandes Ruchottes. The current team has introduced sustainable winemaking techniques here. There has been more focus on the usage of wood in the cellars and minimal intervention processes during fermentation. Thanks to all these efforts, the final quality of wine is quite pure and reflects the exact quality of the rich Burgundy area.

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