Domaine Sebastien Dampt

Domaine Sebastien Dampt

About Domaine Sebastien Dampt

Sebastaine Dampt started his wine estate, Domaine Sebastaine Dampt in 2007. He had already learnt the tricks of winemaking when he worked in his family’s Chablis vineyards at Domaine Daniel Dampt. He had learnt a lot from his father, Daniel, and brother, Vincent, when he had worked here. However, Sebastain always had the urge to start something on his own. He went on to study viticulture in Beaune, and he interned with some of the biggest names in prestigious Sancerre and Nuits St. Georges vineyards in France, before he decided to set up his own label.

He took 7 hectares of vines from his family’s winery to start his label in 2007. Within 6 years, Sebastaine had developed to the extent that he had purchased concrete egg vats for vinifying Cru wines. In 2017, he planted an additional 1.5 hectares of Petit Chablis. Currently, he is working on expanding his label more and more in the French wine market. His domaine is located in the Milly village, where his family winery stands tall at 150 years old.

At the family winery, Sebastaine, along with his brother and father, make use of stainless steel vats to ferment the grapes, to retain their original aroma, flavour and freshness. In 1990, the family constructed a beautiful and sophisticated winery in this estate. This winery is constructed in a beautiful design and it contains tasting rooms to attract visitors. This winery offers a panoramic view of the Vaillons and Les Lys vineyards.

The grapes are pneumatically pressed and fermented in temperature-controlled vats, which are set to 20 degrees C. After this, the grapes undergo different processes of malolactic fermentation, before they are exposed to fining and filtration finally. Nitrogen is used under the wine bottles to avoid premature oxidation of the wines. This way, the wines remain fresh, even when they are aged for a long time.

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