Domaine Sigalas

Domaine Sigalas

About Domaine Sigalas

The story of Domaine Sigalas remains closely linked with the pioneering winemaker and the winery’s founder, Paris Sigalas. In 1991, Paris bottled his first PDO wine, marking the establishment and opening of the wine estate. Since early on, the winemaker has remained invested in applying and implementing innovative ideas and practices in winemaking and viticultural practices. Domaine Sigalas follows his endeavours, operating on the principle and motto of “dynamic evolution of tradition.”

Paris hailed from a family invested in viticulture for a significant time. Hence, he had experience harvesting the grapevines owned by his family. On top of that, his skill and knowledge of winemaking came from the time he prepared wine with his friends. Since his young age, the viticulture and vinification processes mesmerised and intrigued Paul. Thus, he took over the proprietorship and management of his grandfather’s vineyards to set up Domaine Sigalas.

The Oia vineyard, owned by Domaine Sigalas, lies in the northern part of Santorini Island. The region possesses volcanic soil, promoting the planted grapevines to sink and dig their roots deep into the ground. It, in turn, enables the vines to receive adequate and ample nutrients and water, growing strong and healthy. Furthermore, the climatic and weather conditions of the area promote the development of the grapevines and the perfect ripening and maturation of the grapes. It enables Domaine Sigalas to produce outstanding wines excelling in all sensory and quality parameters. It entails texture, mouthfeel, aroma, flavour, colour, and taste.

Domaine Sigalas uses and implements sustainable cultivation practices across its 40-acre vineyards and fields. The workers ensure they retain the natural qualities of the land, minimising any deterioration and degradation of the inherent attributes of the parcels. It, in turn, enables the wines produced by the winery to represent their terroirs in their best capabilities.

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