Domaine Vincent Girardin

Domaine Vincent Girardin

About Domaine Vincent Girardin

Burgundy, located in France, is known as one of the world's most premium wine-producing regions. The climatic conditions, soil types and the high quality of the terroirs found here make the wines rich, complex, elegant and full-bodied. The Domaine Vincent Girardin is one such wine estate that aims to establish the Burgundy terroirs' full potential through its wines. Located at the Corton hills' foothills, this estate produces wines handcrafted by a passionate winemaking team.

In the year 1980, Vincent Girardin established this wine estate to carve a name for himself in France's winemaking industry. His parents were winemakers in the Santenay, but Vincent started his label here at Corton, because he understood the high potential of the winemaking region of Burgundy. Soon, as the demand for these wines grew phenomenally, he introduced a new winemaking philosophy in the Burgundy region. He was one of the first wine producers to buy gapes from local winemakers, so that he could make the most of the rich terroirs here.

During 2012, the ownership of Vincent Girardin wines got transferred to Mr. Nie, who was the President of the Compagnie des Vins d’Autrefois located in Beaune. Today, all the wines for Vincent Girardin wines come from grapes grown in 9 of the richest appellations in Cote de Beaune. They are Meursault, Puligny, Montrachet, Chassagne Montrachet, Saint Aubin, Santenay, Savigny Les Beaune, Alex Corton, Volnay and Pommard.

Sustainable viticultural practices are followed while working on the red and white varietals at the vineyards here.  After hand-harvests, the whites are sorted and hand-pressed to extract the juices slowly. When they are transferred to French oak barrels, they are introduced to alcoholic and malolactic fermentation processes, with natural yeasts and good bacteria. For the reds, after the partial destemming process, the grapes are transferred to temperature-controlled stainless steel vats, where natural yeasts are used to carry out the alcoholic fermentation process.

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