Domaine Vincent Morey

Domaine Vincent Morey

About Domaine Vincent Morey

The history and story of Domaine Vincent Morey remain closely linked with the Morey family. The Morey family’s origin in the French region of Burgundy date back to the 16th century, with evidence of their winemaking art and craft since 1793 in Meursault commune. The rise of the wine industry and making in the Chassagne-Montrachet commune often gets attributed to Claude Morey and his arrival there in 1643 from the village and commune of Paris l’Hôpital.

The story and origin of Domaine Vincent Morey begin with the time of Vincent’s father, Bernard Morey. Bernard owned one of the finest estates in Chassagne-Montrachet, inherited from his father, Albert Morey. The wine farm commenced production with the goal and aim of bottling some of the best wines. Such a mindset carried over to Bernard and his son.

Initially, Vincent Morey and his wife, Sophie Belland, established their distinct domain and began operations in 2006. The couple came from distinguished families of vine growers and wine-makers. It allowed them to get the winery into action effortlessly, harvesting their first batch of vines in 2007. Bernard Morey retired, leaving a share of his holdings to Vincent. It allowed Vincent and Sophie to add more land to the wine estate and increase production.

Domaine Vincent Morey believes that the quality and standard of the produced wines depend heavily on the land and parcels where the grapevines get planted and grown. For that reason, the winery implements and takes on a sustainable approach to vine-growing and winemaking. The wine estate’s workers and staff ensure the natural attributes and characteristics of the vineyards and terroirs remain intact with no damage to them. It, in turn, allows Domaine Vincent Morey to produce wines having excellent elegance and personality. They possess superior mouthfeel, taste, flavour, aroma, colour, and texture.

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