Domaine William Fevre

Domaine William Fevre

About Domaine William Fevre

Domaine William Fevre is a French wine label that has been making exceptional wines since 1959. What started as a small Chablis vineyard during that time has grown to become one of the best terroirs in Burgundy today. Burgundy is a premium wine-producing region in France, and is an inspiration to many other regions in the world.  Though William Fevre’s family had a rich winemaking history that lasted for more than 250 years in Chablis, he announced his first harvest only during 1959. 

As years rolled by, Fevre added more plots to his Chablis vineyard, to become one of the biggest wine producers in this region today. Currently, his estate owns 78 hectares of vineyards, out of which 15.9 are dedicated for Premium Crus and 15.2 are dedicated for Grand Crus. You can find 90 distinct plots all along the 78 hectares, which makes the wines produced here rich, elegant, complex and full-bodied. At this estate, the wines are aged in patinated barrels instead of new barrels to retain the freshness and minerality of the fruits intact.  The wines are aged for an average of 6 years in these barrels.

At William Fevre, extreme care is given to the soil and eco-friendly practices are followed while making wines. Some of them include keeping yields at minimum levels always, following organic viticultural practices, carrying out manual harvesting and selective sorting of the fruits. Almost a major part of the vineyard is covered with Premium and Grand Crus. So, the full expression of the wines can be experienced in a glass of wine that you taste here. You will get fruity tones, mineral tones, floral tones and a pure sense of balance when you taste William Fevre wines. With every glass, you can taste the purity and peculiarity of each vintage, thereby making this one of the most respected French wine brands ever. 

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