Domaine Xavier Monnot

Domaine Xavier Monnot

About Domaine Xavier Monnot

Domaine Xavier Monnot, located in the Bourgogne area in the Burgundy region in France, is a leading wine producer and supplier in the country’s Meursault commune. The winery expands over 42 acres of land, owning vineyards that stretch from Maranges to Beaune in the district of Côte de Beaune. 

Domaine Xavier Monnot remains under the winemaker of the same name. Xavier Monnot’s mother’s ancestors and family, the Monnier family, had remained in the winemaking industry since 1723 for over six generations. It allowed the current to step foot and carry on the art effortlessly since he took over the winery in 1994. Xavier Monnot renamed the wine estate in 2005 with the release of its vintage. Previously, it operated under Xavier’s grandfather’s name, Domaine René Monnier.

Domaine Xavier Monnot works with additional and considerable emphasis on the grapes’ purity and natural characteristics. In addition, it focuses on the complexity and elegance of its wines during the production process. The winery has also witnessed several improvements in the cellar and vineyard with the introduction of modern equipment since Xavier Monnot took over. Nevertheless, the owner believes in retaining the natural processes. Hence, the winery minimises all forms of interference in the winemaking processes. It includes the application of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, etc. 

Domaine Xavier Monnot employs hand-harvesting methods in its fields. On top of that, the harvested grapes get crushed or macerated by foot before the pressing process. The winery proceeds with the alcoholic fermentation step using indigenous yeast. The process gets carried out in barrels. The wines go through malolactic fermentation during the ageing process and bâtonnage at the end of the fermentation. Such an approach allows the wines produced by Domaine Xavier Monnot to attain a unique flavour that sets them apart from the rest of their kind.

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