Domaines De Ladoucette

Domaines De Ladoucette

About Domaines De Ladoucette

The Domaines de Ladoucette is a French wine estate that has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. The Comtes Lafond family owns this vineyard in the Pouilly Fume region of France. Currently, this is not only the biggest but the most popular vineyard of this locality.

Baron Patrick de Ladoucette wanted to make some of the most exceptional and unique French wines through this label, when it was established. He achieved this dream, when he crafted the rare Cuvee, Baron de L, a wine that represented the blend of wonderful terroirs and great craftsmanship. Today, this wine is considered one of the finest and most authentic Sauvignon wines in the world.

After exhibiting his finesse in Pouilly Fume, Baron Patrick de Ladoucette took control of the Sancerre vineyards and showcased his exceptional winemaking skills there as well. He ensured that he carried forward the rich legacy of the Comtes Lafond family in the vintages produced in the Sancerre vineyards.

After a few years, Patrick acquired the Clos de la Poussie, which was regarded as the mythical vineyard of Sancerre for many reasons. The strategic location of this vineyard, coupled with its natural amphitheatre-like structure facing south has helped this vineyard make one of the most exceptional crus in the world today – the Haut de la Poussie.

Here is a brief about the flagship wine of this label:

Baron de L – This wine is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc varietal and has an ageing potential of 8 to 10 years.  In the first step, the grapes are carefully sorted so that they are not crushed. Gravity is used to move the grapes to the second stage of winemaking. In the last step, the juice is chilled in a cooling system for temperature-regulation purposes. Stainless steel vats are used for fermenting these wines.

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