Domaines Ott

Domaines Ott

About Domaines Ott

The story of Domaines Ott remains closely knit with that of the Ott family. The history of the winery starts in 1896 with its founder, Marcel Ott. Marcel was a young graduate from Alsace in the stream of agronomy engineering at that time. He became interested and engaged in the field of winemaking after his tour through several French vineyards. The processes implemented in the parcels and the entire winemaking style and system inspired him to establish and build his distinct winery. It led to the venture for Domaines Ott. 

In the same year, Marcel discovered an estate in the region of Provence that allowed him to put his dreams and aspirations into fruition. The location experienced and enjoyed the cold and refreshing winds from the Mediterranean. Since ancient times, the place chosen by Marcel served as a legacy of vine growing and winemaking. However, phylloxera had destroyed the land and the vines during the time of Marcel’s acquisition.    

Marcel replanted all the vineyards to make the parcel worthy and capable of use. The reconstruction took immense effort and hard work, and unbreakable determination on the founder’s part. Nonetheless, they reaped significant benefits in the future. Marcel’s ambition allowed him to produce Provencal wines of the highest standard and quality from noble varieties of grapevines. 

In recent times, cousins Jean-François and Christian Ott manage all the operations of Domaines Ott. The Ott family continues to dedicate their life to their ancestors’ legacy and love even almost 120 years later. The winery persists in developing and producing wines that express the unique personality and characteristics of their terroir. Domaines Ott implements and incorporates methods and techniques in the vineyards that show respect and reverence for nature. They work without harming the environment and surroundings, preserving their qualities through all the processes.

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