Dominio de Punctum

Dominio de Punctum

About Dominio de Punctum

If you are looking for top-quality organic and vegan wines, you have to taste the wines of the Spain-based winery, Dominio de Punctum. Using only natural ingredients as fining agents, this brand ensures that the quality and character of the grapes are not compromised at any cost. The winery producing these biodynamic wines naturally, is located in the Spanish town of Las Pedroneras, a short distance away from the premium wine-producing La Mancha region in the country.

The Finca Fabian Estate, owned by the Fernandez family, is the place where sustainable winemaking methods are employed to create world-class organic wines. Currently, there are over 200 vineyards in this estate, with the winery located at a very close distance, for excellent quality and freshness of the wines.

The expert winemakers of Dominio de Punctum not only ensure that the wines produced in their estate are of excellent taste and aroma, but also that they are 100% natural. This brand takes the utmost care in ensuring that no chemicals or pesticides are used in the winemaking process.  Biodynamic agriculture, followed in this estate, ensures that the natural flavour and characteristics of the grapes are maintained throughout its lifecycle.

One of the main reasons for the excellent taste and quality of grapes grown here is the soil quality.  The limestone-rich soil and the continental climate of Castilla La Mancha help immensely in protecting the true character and aroma of the grapes.  These vineyards are located at around 750m above sea level and have an average life of 10 years. Only green manure and indigenous yeast are used here in the winemaking process, so that the quality of the wines is not affected.  While oak barrels are used only for Cabernet Sauvignon and Graciano varietals, stainless steel tanks are used for most of the other grape varietals here.

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