About Ducale

Ducale is a well-liked wine producer and wine estate located in the small commune and town of Salice Salentino in the region of Puglia in Italy. The wines produced by the winery are some of the most well-known and purchased in the area. It can get owed to the superior quality and taste of the drinks made and marketed by Ducale. 

The wines produced and sold by Ducale can be of top quality and class thanks to the excellent and outstanding terroirs it owns. The characteristics of the land get represented in the attributes of the winery’s products. The Puglia region offers the best and most optimum parameters and factors to make delectable and fragrant wines. For instance, the area receives suitable rainfall and sunshine. The fertile soil and warm climate, in turn, ensure that conditions such as the humidity and temperature of the place remain apt for growing grape plants and making wines. Ducale knows it and thus makes full use of the perfect weather specifications to create superior drinks. 

The workers and employees at Ducale generally harvest the grapes at the end of August or at the beginning of September. They carry out the process by hand conventionally. Nevertheless, the winery may also use machines to make the process easier and expedite it. The harvest gets done carefully after checking whether the fruits have become ripe. After all, Ducale values quality over the number of its wines. 

The wines of Ducale have a harmonious note and balance. It allows them to pair well with a broad category and range of cuisine and dishes. The drinks have a deep, rich, intense colour, aroma, mouthfeel, texture, and flavour. On top of that, the wines have notes of leather, raisins, black cherry, and so on. It enhances their taste even further.

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