About Duemani

The history of Duemani began in 2001 when it got established by Luca D’Attoma and Ellena Celli. Located in the small town named Riparbella above Bolgheri on the coastline of Tuscan, the winery enjoys the beneficial macroclimate of the region. 

The term Duemani translates into ‘two hands.’ The name of the winery signifies the hands and the efforts put forward by its founders. In the first stages, Luca and Ellena bought a 7-hectare land and decided to work with it. They aimed to develop and produce pure and unique wines by setting up their base of operation along the Tuscany Coast to enable organic farming. 

The couple set up an estate facing the east coast and residing at an elevation of approximately 820 meters above mean sea level. These specifications of the winery’s constructions allowed Duemani and its vineyards to receive and appreciate a continuous and refreshing sea breeze. The wind currents allow for a significant shift in temperature between night and day, creating the perfect environment for the growth and development of the grapevines. In addition, the suitable balance of other conditions such as sunlight exposure and rain permits the slow maturation of the grown grapes. It allows the fruits to become exceptionally sweet, plump, juicy, and ripe by the time they become ready to harvest. 

Since its establishment, Duemani has believed in and implemented an organic and biodynamic system or agriculture. The workers in its vineyards believe in respecting the land and preserving the natural quality of the environment. As such, they follow a precise technique of viticulture done using manual labour. It ensures that the plot does not receive any damage or suffer from the detrimental effects of machine-based agricultural practices. In addition, it makes sure to enrich the grapevines and soil and increase their overall energy.

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