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E. Guigal

About E. Guigal

E Guigal or Etienne Guigal is one of the most popular and historic wine labels today. This wine label's history dates back to 1946, when Etienne Guigal established this brand in the small and heritage-rich village of Ampuis in the Cote-Rotie appellation. The vines in this particular appellation are characterised by their age. The average age of these vines is around 2400 years! At the young age of 14, Etienne Guigal had already vinified 67 harvests on this appellation.

Over the years, the Guigal family's future generations went on to acquire many more wine estates in France to become one of the most prestigious family-owned estates in the Rhone Valley. At Maison Guigal, a lot of respect is given to the soil, because the founder and the winemaking team believe that the wines should only reflect the terroirs where they are grown.

The vines are planted on terraced farms located in some of the premium regions in the appellations of Rhone Valley, such as the following:

Cote-Rotie – Surrounded by hills all over, this vineyard is exclusively dedicated to growing Syrah. However, you can also find small parcels of Viognier here.

Condrieu – Known for its steep terrace-type cultivation, this vineyard overlooks the Rhone Valley. It is known for growing intense and flavourful Viognier varietals.

Hermitage – Known for its rich soils and intense grapes, this vineyard is famous for growing Syrah, Marsanne and Rousanne.

Crozes-Hermitage – Located towards the northern part of the Rhone Valley, this vineyard is rich with stony soils. It  is known for growing balanced reds like the Syrah, and the dry & aromatic whites like the Marsanne and Rousanne.

Saint Joseph – This is a century-old vineyard where Syrah, Marsanne and Rousanne are grown in plenty. 

Chateauneuf Pope – The limestone-rich soils of this vineyard is home to 13 grape varietals. Out of all of them, Grenache is the most dominant.

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