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Edi Simcic

About Edi Simcic

Edi Simčič is based in Goriška Brda in Slovenia, where the Southern Alps and the Northern Mediterranean mix. Brda has the perfect soil for wine cultivation as it is rich in minerals and salt. Therefore, the region can produce white wines, including Mediterranean mineral, exotic, fresh, full and capable of maturing up to five to six years. However, the company believes Rebula is their pride and identity.

The makers at Edi Simčič believe that every wine has a story to tell when it leaves the cellar. They let the fragrance and elegance of the wine tell a story that was never told till then. Some of the wines from Edi Simčič that tell a story about winemaking include:

2015 Kolos: Kolos comes with a ruby colour without garnet shades. The wine tastes lovely after four years of ageing. Freshness over fruitiness is the hallmark of the Kolos. The dryness and the rich structure of the wines provide reliable and long-term ageing. The wines have the most extended shelf life- around 20 years and can be served best between 2020 and 2040. 

2016 Beli Pinot: The wine has a deep yellow colour and a soft and discreet bouquet. It also contains notes of chocolate, butter and caramel, which gives way to the fruitiness of ripe yellow fruit and peach. The strong body of the wine gives way to pleasant sweets. The wine’s texture has moderate acids and is best consumed between 2020 to 2026.

2017 Triton: With a medium-deep yellow colour, the wine contains fruit notes like that of deep peach with hints of spices like cinnamon. The texture is different on the mouth and touch- dry on the mouth and silky on the touch. The grapes used in the wine are fully ripe with moderate alcohol levels. The wine goes well with various types of food.

2018 Malvazija: The wine comes with a medium deep shade of golden yellow with a ripe, floral and medium accentuated. The notes of maturation included in the wine include caramel. In addition, the wine incorporates a unique style of Istrian Malvasia, characterised by solidness and structure, reflecting the Brda origin. The wine is best served between 2020 and 2024.

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