About Edmeades

The history of Edmeades began with the endeavour and story of its founder, Dr. Donald Edmeades. Dr. Donald was a Pasadena cardiologist who started his venture by planting grapes in a tiny settlement area of Philo, located in the Anderson Valley. This act made him the first modern grapevine grower in the remote stretch of Mendocino County. However, the establishment of the Edmeades winery began with the effort of Deron, Dr. Donald’s son, in 1927.

Almost immediately after its establishment, Edmeades winery gained a reputation for the wines originating from Anderson Valley. It also amassed a significant amount of fame and interest for the lusty Zinfandels Mountain that acquired multiple high scores and gold medals from critics for its high quality. Edmeades aided the intense hillsides of Mendocino Zins to get launched as a famous site for growing superior standard grapevines. 

Edmeades winery was purchased by Jess Jackson in 1988. It made it one of the initial wineries to become a part of the portfolio under Jackson Family Wines. In 2012, Ben Salazar, the previous winemaker at La Crema and Carmel Road, started working in Edmeades and became its principal staff. 

The vineyards owned by Edmeades enjoy the perfect and desirable combination of the best elements of climate. It experiences refreshing winds with adequate rainfall and sunshine. The staff and workers take a natural and traditional approach. They use and implement low tech methods that are generally organic and sustainable. The winery believes in and incorporates practices of handling the entire winemaking process with minimal human interference. The simplicity of their methods allows their produced wines to represent the complete essence of the climate and soil. It stands true for each of their vineyards. It permits the drinkers to enjoy a satisfactory expression of the drink’s origin with every sip.

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