Elena Fucci

Elena Fucci

About Elena Fucci

Established in 2000, Elena Fucci was founded when the family of the owner of the same name was deliberating whether to put up the vineyards surrounding their house up for sale. Located at the base of Mount Vulture in Contrada Solagna in Titolo, the land was initially purchased by Elena’s grandfather, Generoso. Along the years, Generoso, along with his father, managed the vineyards. They sold the harvested grapes. However, they retained an amount suitable enough to create and produce wines for personal use and consumption. 

When Elena disclosed her idea and dream of studying oenology to her family, her parents were delighted. They wished to support her in her endeavour. Her father especially wanted to assist and encourage her to achieve the goal that he once had. He helped her start the venture of Elena Fucci with his extensive knowledge. He incorporated and implemented his understanding of agronomy and viticulture.  

The winery spread its wings and came around with the production of the vintage of 2000. Initially, the Fucci family handled the operations and management of the estate with the assistance and guidance of a consultant not associated with the winery. It was in 2004 that all of the winery’s aspects got taken over in the first person. From the start, Elena and her family planned on staking all their resources on one label. They envisioned and planned on making it a world-class wine. 

Elena Fucci’s interpretation of terroirs can get summarised as modern yet not modernist. The workers of the winery understand the needs and requirements of the land and operate accordingly. They follow sustainable viticulture practices that do not affect or change the properties of the grapes. Every year, Elena Fucci produces wines of excellent quality with the beneficial features of the land where the vineyards reside.

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