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Elgin Ridge

About Elgin Ridge

Located in the small region of Elgin Valley in South Africa, Elgin Ridge may not be as popular as some of the big names in the country. However, it has a unique distinction of its own. It is the only certified and organic wine estate in the entire Elgin Valley, located in Cape Winelands. It is located at just a one-hour distance from Cape Town; therefore, you can locate this estate easily.

Two friends, Niels Verburg from Luddite Wines in the Bot River Region and Brian Smith from Elgin Ridge Wines in the Elgin Valley region met during 2013 for a casual lunch session in London. This casual meeting was the one that sow the seeds for creating “the” Cabernet Franc, that is the flagship varietal of this label now.

Many years ago, Elgin Valley was only known for its apples and pears. However, it took a while for professional wine enthusiasts to unravel the mystery of its location. With its rugged mountain peaks all around, diverse soil types, high-altitude of location and extremely cool climate, this estate had all the features to be converted into a vine-growing hub.

Located at an altitude of 282m above sea level, the Elgin Ridge vineyards experience cold winters and warm summers. The locale also enjoys cool coastal breezes all through the year, which help the grapes to ripen naturally at the right time, lending them a lot of character and expression. The terroirs and the natural climate of this place are quite similar to the conditions that you would find at Burgundy in France.

As part of the biodynamic practices, at the vineyards, the family grows beneficial animals and birds to keep pests and weeds away. The compost is prepared naturally and the soils are provided with 100% natural manure by the Dexter cows that are grown here.

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