Elio Altare

Elio Altare

About Elio Altare

Elio Altare is a reputed Italian winery that has been under the ownership of the Altare family since its establishment. The wine estate was established in 1948 by Giuseppe Altare, the father of the current owner, Elio.

Initially, the Altare family hailed from Dogliani, a well-known town, and commune in the Cuneo Province. They moved to La Morra in 1948 and purchased a farm there. At that time, the estate covered approximately five hectares and comprised dolcetto, barbera, and nebbiolo vineyards. However, the profits from the plots were not high. For that reason, Elio Altare, with his friends, decided to travel beyond Piedmont’s borders to learn more about the art and craft of winemaking. It allowed him to learn several valuable and beneficial things. Elio implemented them in the Altare vineyards after his return. It led to significant changes within the winery.

Today, the methods and practices incorporated by Elio Altare in the winery’s fields and cellars give the family’s wines a different and distinct interpretation. It allows the products to deliver balance, elegance, and finesse, enabling them to stand out. It, in turn, facilitates the winery’s products to remain in high demand among numerous people.

Elio Altare operates with a philosophy and belief of keeping all techniques and processes natural and uncomplicated. The winery cultivates its grapevines without pesticides, fertilisers, or chemicals. In addition to that, the workers do not use other items or products that can interrupt the grape ripening or vegetative cycle. Instead, the wine estate utilises copper sulphate or organic cow manure as fertiliser. On top of that, Elio Altare uses its indigenous yeasts for fermentation. Furthermore, the winery does not modify the structure or colour of its wine in any form or manner. It allows the products to retain their natural qualities and characteristics.

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