Elvio Cogno

Elvio Cogno

About Elvio Cogno

Elvio Cogno is one of the recognised names in the Italian wine market. It crafts its wines from the 11 hectares of vineyards that the company owns in Novello. Novello, a province in Cuneo, is a beautiful locale surrounded by hills, oceans, greenery and natural extravaganza all around. Recently, this amazing site was regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In this place, four generations of the Cogno family members have been producing wine with great passion and enthusiasm. Here, in the region of Ravera, the family creates some of the best crus of Novello. The 7.5 hectares of Novello vineyard witnesses four types of Barolo vines. At Elvio Cogno, a lot of importance is given to the soil and terroir of the vineyards.

Cascina Nuova – This vineyard comprises a total area of 1.5 hectares. It is located at an altitude of 380m above sea level and is replete with young vines. The grapes grown here are known for their texture and elegance.

Bricco Pernice – Regarded as one of the best vineyards in Ravera, this one is quite a sheltered area. The microclimate of this region makes the grapes powerful, high-in mineral content and soft.

Ravera – Situated at a height of 380m above sea level, these vineyards cover a total area of 5 hectares, and they are the home to some of the best and classiest wines from the label.

Vineyard Elena – Being the first vineyard planted by the Cogno family, this place is known for producing grapes with garnet shades and intense aromas. It comprises an area of  1 hectare, and is known for its calcareous clayey soils.

Elvio Cogno wines represent the soul of the soils. Therefore, a lot of care is given to follow organic farming techniques here. All the viticultural practices are followed in such a way to protect the ecosystem of the vines here.

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