About Escarpment

The history of Escarpment dates back to 1999 when it got established by Larry McKenna on Te Muna Road in the wine village or town of Martinborough in New Zealand. Larry, a renowned winemaker, was one of the first of his time in that region. He served a pivotal role and pioneered the use and fame of Pinot Noir in the country in the early days of New Zealand’s wine industry. Born and raised in Australia, Larry began his winemaking ventures and passion in the geographical region of Wairarapa at the Martinborough Vineyards.  

In 2019, Torbreck Vintners acquired and purchased the ownership rights of Escarpment. Hailing from Barossa Valley, the founder of Torbreck Wines allowed the winery to gain an additional number of beneficial knowledge and relationships. Even after the change of owners, Larry continued working Escarpment, together with Tim Bourne, a renowned winemaker. 

The partnership of the three individuals permitted Escarpment to pursue and complete their long-term dream and aspiration to build a state-of-the-art and superior standard winery. The 880 square-meter structure is still under construction and remains set for completion just in time for their 2022 vintage. The building will be completely insulated and gravity-fed for access to the barrel room that remains underground. Escarpment plans to equip the winery will several modern technologies that can enhance their winemaking process. 

In recent times, Escarpment produces wine made of two grape varieties- Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They have managed to amass and garner worldwide recognition, interest, and fame. Their vineyards come with distinctive and beneficial alluvial gravel soil. It makes the growth and cultivation of high-quality grapevines possible. 

The workers implement organic practices of agriculture. They minimise human intervention during the entire winemaking process. All the wines produced by Escarpment are full of surprises, bringing with them something unconventional.

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