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Exton Park

About Exton Park

Exton Park Winery is one of the private or family owned wineries found in New Hampshire. The vineyard is spread over an area of approximately 55 acres located in chalk soil that is great for grapes and eventually wine. It is famous for producing award winning sparkling wines through a traditional approach.

The story of the Exton Park winery is one that shows determination, courage, and efforts to achieve good-quality sparkling wine. Malcom Isaac started the winery in 2003 and since then it has been known as one of the best wine producers.
Fred Langdale is an experienced winemaker who loves what he does. He purchased the winery in 2008. The winery did well in his time, winning many awards including gold medals for its sparkling wine.
At present, Exton Park Winery is under Laithwaite's control with a dedication to sustainable wine production. The winery has continually kept improving its products with the help of specialists who have given their advice in the way of how sparkling wine should be made.

Exton Park Winery that is located in the rolling hills of Hampshire has shown how much a hardworking person who has a passion for winemaking can go ahead.

Therefore, Exton Park Winery commits to environmentally sound winemaking techniques. To this end, the business utilises various environmentally friendly practices like, for instance, natural pesticides, conserving water, as well as waste recycling. Energy in the winery has been sourced from green sources like solar panels and wind power.
Furthermore, the vineyard employs an innovative practice referred to as "no-till farming," a method in which minimal upheaval is created within the soil thereby contributing less disruption to the physical structure of the soil and also minimising instances of erosion. Cover crops are planted in the vineyard as well to help maintain good soil health and minimise using chemical fertilizers in this case.

Exton Park's vineyards are found within the South Downs National Park, one of England's areas of outstanding natural beauty. However, the vineyards cover a total area of 55 acres of good chalk soils that suit grapes and wine production. For instance, the winery is known for growing a number of types of grapes, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

Exton Park Winery is a sustainable vineyard producing premium quality sparkling wines made in the classic fashion. Differentiating this winery from others is that it has established its leadership status within the industry due to its commitment to environmentally friendly processes as well as sustainable practices. Definitely, this winery is suitable for all wine passionate people or anyone who just want a sustainable experience.

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