About Fabiano

The history and story of Fabiano began in 1912 when Francesco Fabiano, the winery’s founder, started selling wines in the seaport and city of Venice with Sergio, his son. Gradually, the father and son expanded their activity and business to Verona in the Veneto region. During the late 1950s, Sergio shifted to Verona permanently with his sons. He moved initially to Colà di Lazise’s cellar, the core of the trade activity in Northern Italy.

The family began constructing a distinct winery in the Sona commune in the next few decades. In the early 1970s, it became one of the largest and most reputed wineries in the entire country, unrivalled in its wine production capacity. It, in turn, increased the fame and popularity of Fabiano, allowing it to supply its products to international and domestic markets. From the 2000s, the winery began focusing on its image and quality over the number and quantity of wines produced. The wine estate readjusted its processes to make it possible. Nonetheless, Fabiano stuck to its historical packaging system and style, adhering to tradition and history.

Today, Alessandro Fabiano holds the ownership and management rights of Fabiano. He kept the name and fame of the winery strong across a global market. In addition, he emphasised the quality and standard of the produced wines, ensuring they market and sell only the very best.

Fabiano Winery gets aided in its pursuit for high quality and superiority by the excellent terroirs it owns. The winery’s plots and parcels, spread across the Controlled by Denomination of Origin of Verona, experience optimum and ideal weather and climatic conditions. It, in turn, promotes the growth of grapevines of a desired and high standard. They bear and yield fresh, juicy, plump, colourful, and sweet fruits that increase the quality of the produced wines.

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