Famiglia Cotarella

Famiglia Cotarella

About Famiglia Cotarella

The history and story of Famiglia Cotarella started with two brothers, Riccardo and Renzo Cotarella. They were both enologists, having their roots deep in the territories between the Umbria and Lazio regions. Thus, the two considered retrieving and restoring historical vines an act of immense importance.

Riccardo and Renzo established the Falesco winery in 1979 on volcanic soils. They wished to work on indigenous grape varieties of the area that people considered extinct. Their daughters, Enrica, Marta, and Dominga, joined them in their endeavour in 2017. They took over the operation and management of the winery. Later, they rebranded and changed the historic and ancient name of the estate from Falesco to Famiglia Cotarella, giving rise to the wine estate of today. The sisters did so to honour their native terroir and the family name.

Today, Famiglia Coterella is known for its exemplary wines. The winery incorporates a contemporary style into its winemaking processes that combine innovation and tradition. It allows their wines to express a distinct elegance and character and represent their regions. Famiglia Cotarella works with a philosophy adhering to the quality and superiority of its products. The driving force behind the winery’s operations lies in its passion for the territory and the craft of viticulture. For that reason, the wine estate has been enhancing its grape cultivation heritage.

The vineyards owned by Famiglia Cotarella offer ideal climatic conditions that promote and facilitate the growth of the grapevines. It allows the ripe grapes to turn out juicy, colourful, sweet, and plump. The winery implements various scientific and modern techniques in its vinification and viticultural processes. It allows Famiglia Cotarella to produce top-quality vines that can represent their terroirs. The winery’s products have excellent aroma, mouthfeel, texture, and taste. It enables the drinks to pair well with numerous dishes.

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