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Famille Hugel

About Famille Hugel

The Hugel family has been making wines in Alsace ever since 1639. While Hans Urich  Hugel’s family settled down in Alsace during the 15th century, he took control of Winegrowers' Corporation in the region during 1639. Within a few years, his son constructed the family house in the Rue des Cordiers. The family crest, which was carved on this house's doorway, is used as Famille Hugel’s logo even today.

By 1902, Emile Hugel re-established the family’s business in the Riquewihr region, and it continues to be the iconic wine-producing region in Alsace. After the 15th century, Alsace lost its enviable place in the global wine market due to many wars and the deadly pests and viruses that attacked the vines.

By 1918, the Hugel family members took it upon themselves to re-kindle the Alsace region's wine-producing potential. The winemaking team's hard work ensured that within a few years, Alsace bounced back to become the abode of some of the richest and classiest wines in the world. Today, the white wines produced here are considered to be one of the best worldwide.

The Hugel vineyard located in Riquewihr, comprises an area of 25 hectares. For many centuries, wine lovers have respected this region for producing some of the noblest wines in the region. Almost half of this vineyard is cultivated as Grand Cru zones, with the utmost respect to nature and Mother Earth. The grapes produced here are of the highest quality because of the ethics followed in the viticultural practices followed here. Hand-picking of the fruits, planting young vines, lack of fertilisers, etc., are some of the ethics followed here.

In addition to its own estate, the Hugel family has also acquired over 100 hectares of vineyards that grow only grapes from the region's local growers. These vineyards are located in some of the premium wine-producing regions of Alsace.

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