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Famille Jouffreau

About Famille Jouffreau

Famille Jouffreau Winery is situated in the middle of the Bordeaux wine area and happens to be a private company. The company was founded back in 1895 by a French merchant named Pierre Jouffreau who later passed the company on to his descendants.

Pierre Jouffreau was an early pioneer whose understanding of the rich soils and agreeable weather in the Bordeaux environs transformed this interest into a profitable endeavour. He knew when he bought a tiny vineyard what he had to do to make great wine. His father taught him classical methods of crafting wine and he started creating wines with a taste and aroma that was unusual from others in a short time.

However, the popularity of Pierre's wines grew fast among natives and his business expanded quickly. Pierre's commitment to making good quality wine with an old approach was well known in this region. He attracted a lot of people to his winery, and very soon he became one of the recognised figures in the industry as well.

The winery has been sold a number of times over the years with numerous renovations and expansions taking place as it did so. Despite this, Pierre Jouffreau's family, even in generations after him, has never altered traditional winemaking processes handed over by Pierre Jouffreau. The winery is owned and operated by Jean-Paul Jouffreau the great grandson of Pieterre Jouffreau. Jean-Paul has continued to uphold the legacy of his family with exceptional wine which captures the diversity of terroirs in Bordeaux. The winery is now a 'must visit' location where international wine lovers come to sample the delicious flavours and experience the heritage and legacy of the Jouffreau family winery.

The Jouffreau family is aware that they make an impact on the environment, therefore, they have taken a responsible approach to minimise their carbon footprint by using ecological and sustainable wine production. They use composts made from their own grape pomace and other natural elements as fertilisers for the earth's wellbeing leading to good plant performance. Drip irrigation minimises water loss during irrigation, thereby preventing soil erosion. In this context, the family's vineyards lie in various zones of Bordeaux, specifically Médoc, Saint-Émilion and Pauillac. Each of these sections possesses its own terroir and microclimate which results in different wines having diverse tastes.

The existence of la Famille Jouffreau Winery bears witness to one hundred years of environmentally friendly and sustainable winemaking practice. The Jouffreau family has demonstrated their expertise in winemaking through conserving the environment with a long rich history.

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